A man and woman are performing on stage.

“Don’t let your money go up in smoke” Delivered to smart women, smart money conference

A woman in red jacket smiling for the camera.

“I so enjoyed sharing the stage with Mary Ann and Oprah for Dillard’s Bridal Fair.”

Hillary Rodham Clinton; First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State

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“I have had the privilege to hear Dr. Mac speak on many occasions. This is NOT
your typical financial presentation. She entertains the audience with magic and
comedy, priming her audiences to receive important and lasting financial lessons. I am a CFP who has worked with hundreds of clients and understand that most financial education doesn’t sink in. People are so stressed and feel so much shame about money that a boring and technical financial speech just won’t cut it. Enter Dr. Mac with just the formula for bypassing those brain barriers and planting the seeds of a life of financial security and freedom. Five stars highly recommend her.”

Sarah Catherine Gutierrez, Financial Planner, Author, Speaker, Founder and
Partner at Aptus Financial, LLC.

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"Every time I listen to Mary Ann Campbell talk about money, I learn a great deal. I really enjoyed her excellent job talking to our football team about the importance of finances and the best way to manage them."

Lou Holtz: football coach and analyst

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Learn how to:

  • Be happier
  • More productive
  • Feel more secure
  • Have more time with your family
  • Get more out of the money you already have
  • Check off your bucket list

Contact Dr. MAC for your Keynote

  • Corporations often look for outcomes that help their employees be less stressed about money and more productive. They leave with fast action steps to simplify their financial lives and be able to focus more on improving their work.
  • Associations know their members love gathering, learning, networking, and having fun. Dr. MAC delivers by engaging your attendees and sharing current action steps they can put to use immediately.
  • Women’s organizations know women are faced with unique financial challenges. Through helpful tips and tricks, Dr. MAC shares handouts and excellent current resources to enlighten and enrich women.
  • Educators appreciate the understanding Dr. MAC has of their dilemmas. As an educator, she shares tips to help fight inflation and help educators balance their work and home life.
  • Colleges have a high percentage of dropouts due to money problems. Students enjoy the fun way Dr. MAC delivers messages for their student activity lecture series. Students can take action steps to work immediately to help them maintain control of their spending and enjoy college life.