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Dr. Mary Ann Campbell

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My name is Mary Ann Campbell. My mission is money education, although it didn’t start out that way. I began as a vocational home economics major, with a masters degree in textile technology. Because I enjoy being a wife and mother, I’m glad I did. I also earned a master’s degree in textile technology.

I currently hold a Certified Financial Planner’s certificate from the College for Financial Planning in Denver, CO. Money Magazine selected me as one of America’s top 200 CFPs. I’ve taught junior high, high school, college students, and also employees at corporations. The teachers in my life have had a profound effect on me, and their influence fuels my dedication to what do what I do.

How the magic began

I was asked to teach a consumer problems class at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR), and I realized the topic was actually Personal Finance, a course I had never taken. I told them I had no experience, but they needed someone immediately, and I wanted to learn. I was turned on to both learning the information and making it understandable.

Using magic with a message emerged because my son, John, was performing magic. As I drove him to hospitals and nursing homes and helped him set up his equipment, I wondered… would my students enjoy lessons laced with magic? They did, and I began to develop a repertoire of tricks to help my students retain the information I was teaching and to help the medicine go down a little easier.

It grew from there

In 1980, with help from a Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation grant, our team developed an educational television course for the state PBS affiliate, which won two national awards. I completed my certified financial planner certification in 1985, and became a financial reporter for the local NBC affiliate. I presented weekly live “Money Magic” segments on the ABC affiliate for five years, covering business and personal finance topics and performing an on-air magic trick monthly. Monthly newspaper and magazine columns as well as regular radio programs have been other media means I’ve enjoyed to share unbiased money management tips and tricks.

Entrepreneurial opportunities evolved from my dedication to teaching. Business owners asked me to come on site and assist their employees with cash flow, paying down debt, understanding company benefits, retirement and investment options. I incorporated my business education and delivered training sessions for corporations.

A practice in leadership

During my youth, I was active in girl scouts, 4-H, and Future Homemakers of America (now FCCLA). My participation in these activities taught me skills in organization and leadership. Both of my parents, Joe and Gladys Briscoe, were role models as leaders in our Mabelvale, Arkansas community.

I’ve served on paid boards and volunteer boards of companies and organizations. My grandest adventure resulted from receiving a Presidential appointment to Chair the National Women’s Business Council out of Washington, D.C. During my tenure, I traveled extensively in the United States and did some international travel for hearings and presentations. I worked directly with the heads of departments and members of Congress toward legislation to improve the business opportunities for small business owners.

I have served on national boards of the National Advisory Council for the Association of Small Business Development Centers and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. My speaking topics on leadership, customer service, and motivation, grew out of these experiences.

A touch of humor

My life has not always been smooth sailing. I developed a sense of humor to help deal with adversities. I use some of my real life experiences and humor in my presentations because fun learning is learning that lasts. Exercises and worksheets are also a vital part of each presentation because we remember what we do, therefore, active learning is key.

I delight in the opportunity to share lessons learned and to learn something new and meaningful. If you use me to address your convention, organization, or workers, I will do all that is within my power to deliver a useful and memorable message.

Thank you! Dr. Mary Ann Campbell, CFP


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