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Women and “Money Magic”

Dr. Mary Ann Campbell, CFP
A Significant Message

The financial needs of women are unique because we live longer and make less money. We tend to be more adverse to risk, which is a good thing, particularly in investing. We do ask for directions and will usually follow them. Dr. Mary Ann Campbell, CFP presents many options women can sink their teeth into.

“Dr. MAC was able to reach our university students, hold their attention, entertain them, and share information they can use immediately.” Dr. Mary Harlan, University of Central Arkansas

During her presentations, Dr. Campbell uses student participation and focuses on topics that college students dig. Some of the areas she discusses are:

  1. Knowing yourself and your S.M.A.R.T. goals
  2. Careers you’ll love
  3. Cool technology that eases the process
  4. 80-10-10 Rule and car buying too
  5. Truly free credit reports and scores
  6. Insurance bases to cover
  7. Tax breaks for higher education
  8. Awesome early retirement strategies
  9. Addressing estate planning and having fun too

Using her powerful slogan “The magic comes from YOU, and you CAN do it!” Dr. Campbell delivers a clear message with impact. She will give you the most direct route toward simplifying and making the most of your financial life. Students will leave with fast and easy solutions to help enhance their financial life. Mary Ann’s handouts are valuable tools that will help students put information to work immediately.

Most importantly, you and your students will have fun! Mary Ann makes learning delightful with her humor and entertaining magic. She has been teaching college students for more than twenty years, so she stays close to their interests and needs. Relax, enjoy and learn practical information to use for the rest of your life. College students can improve their financial situation with guidelines and a little motivation.

Dr. MAC’s credentials match her creativity. Noted by Money Magazine as one of America’s 200 best Certified Financial PlannerĀ® Practitioners, she has won national awards for her Money Magic ETV series and innovative teaching techniques. Mary Ann serves as Advisory Council Chair of the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Centers, and is a television personality who presents a weekly live “Money Magic” report on a CBS affiliate. She teaches Personal and Family Finance at the University of Central Arkansas.

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