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Employee Seminars on “Money Magic”

Dr. Mary Ann Campbell, CFP
Fun Sessions that Improve Productivity

Money Magic sessions for employees are a very special employee benefit. They are fast, fun sessions on how your employees can produce more with their money. Research shows that employees are more productive, moral is improved, they are more efficient with their salaries, and their appreciation improves for their job when they improve their personal finance skills.

Money Magic seminars are weekly, highly participatory sessions on personal money management. No products are pitched or specific investment advice given.

“My employees were lined up at my door to thank me for the sessions that helped them improve their financial situations. It has been one of the most rewarding benefits we’ve offered our employees.” Bob Raff, former President Parts Warehouse Inc.

Using her powerful slogan “The magic comes from YOU, and you CAN do it!” Dr. Campbell delivers a clear message with impact. During her presentations, Dr. MAC uses employee participation and humor to make points and keep the sessions moving. Benefits include:

  • Financial Frustrations Reduced
  • Spouses encouraged to join sessions
  • Company Benefits Explained
  • Savings and 401k Participation Encouraged
  • Cash Flow Awareness
  • Retirement Preparations Emphasized
  • Personal consultations available to solve basic problems
  • Notebooks with tools to put information to work immediately

There is no fee to provide a 20 minute orientation session to you, your managers, and/or employees. Program content with outlines (developed with your input), participant involvement, and the need for individual commitment will be discussed. If enough employees or the ones you’re concerned about don’t sign up, no one is out anything but time.

Dr. MAC’s credentials match her commitment to money education. Noted by Money Magazine as one of America’s 200 best Certified Financial Planner® Practitioners, she has won national awards for her Money Magic ETV series and innovative teaching techniques. Mary Ann serves as Advisory Council Chair of the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Centers, and is a television personality who presents a weekly live “Money Magic” report on a CBS affiliate. She teaches Personal and Family Finance at the University of Central Arkansas.

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