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Glen Campbell Gives for Alzheimer’s

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Glen Campbell I’ll Be Me documentary, supporting Alzheimer’s research, was tastefully done with just the right mix of humor and reality.  What a gift and wonder that Glen is so naturally fun and funny.  Just as when I watched Michael Jackson’s This Is It documentary, I could see Glen Campbell’s musical genius in I’ll Be Me.  My husband, Guy and I, seized the opportunity to attend a viewing before the movie opens in theaters this October.

Now I know why Guy’s mother kept thinking she owned the assisted living center and tried to collect rent from the residents.  She used to sign the checks at the office and was treated as “the boss.”   I learned that the things most embedded in memories hang around the longest.  For Glen it is the music and his awe inspiring ability to play the guitar.

Glen’s wife, Kim, is a role model for care-giving spouses dealing with Alzheimer’s.  Granted, she has more funds on which to operate than most families, but it was her attitude that served as a great lesson.  Kim never talked down to Glen, she was constantly by his side backing him up and encouraging him.  She, nor their children, needlessly challenged Glen.

Ashley Campbell, Glen’s stunningly beautiful daughter’s, career will surely sore once this movie is distributed.  Ashley is a beautiful and talented young woman with a giant heart.  Sons, Cal and Shannon, rounded out his final tour band.   They are talented troopers in every sense of the word.

I didn’t make their Farewell Tour live performance in Little Rock, but the buzz exploded following their appearance.  The deep emotions and embracement by his audiences were very well documented in I’ll Be Me.

This documentary is timely for our American society.  James Keach, director, and Trevor Albert, producer, hit a home run with their collaboration on this project.

I taught junior high in Delight the year following the summer that Glen took over the Summer Smothers Brother’s Show.  I remember bringing Newsweek magazine into the class to share with his nephews and fellow students because of the feature article on Glen.  He built his parents a home in Billstown and sent buses to pick up Delight residents for his show in Little Rock when he began to tour.  Glen was generous from the beginning of his success and continues to give by going public with the effects of this dread and devastating disease on himself and his family.

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