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Free Excel Form 1040 for 2012 Tax Year

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Technology Friday on AccountingWeb.com always has useful tips.  This month, Gail Perry, CPA, shares valuable information in the form of access to a free spreadsheet based form 1040.    The article was written by David H. Ringstrom, CPA and was posted by Terri Eyden on February 1, 2013.

Evidently, Glenn Reeves is a thoughtful and generous person who has now released his sixteenth spreadsheet-based version of the US Individual Tax Return.  It is Form 1040, as we know it.  Best news of all, is that any taxpayer is allowed to download and use the spreadsheet for free.

All of the worksheets in the 1040 workbook are password protected, and most of the underlying formulas are hidden.  You’re free to add new worksheets to the file or create links to other workbooks.  Mr. Reeves notes that the spreadsheet is constructed in such a fashion that proper use of the spreadsheet means a user won’t need to access any of the protected cells.

Although Mr. Reeves gives the spreadsheet away, he does accept appreciation contributions, which he reports on his tax return as income. He also donates 10 percent of any contributions to his church. Spreadsheet-based versions of Form 1040 are available for tax years 1996 through 2012 at www.excel1040.com. Questions regarding the spreadsheet should be directed to Glenn Reeves through his website.

I’d like to thank Glenn Reeves for his dedicated service and promote his shareware so that he may continue to offer such a useful tool.

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